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We specialize in crafting high quality UX designs at an affordable price that help our startup clients shine in a sea of competitors. Hundreds of startup clients have entrusted Aufait UX with their vision and we have helped them to become unicorns too. We crafted UI UX designs for their products and increased conversion rates and generated substantial revenues. Talk to us today to turn your startup ideas into a UNICORN

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Listen to our startup clients

Words from our startup clients on how we helped them accelerate their startup’s growth with professional UX designs.

Startup UI UX design services

From conceptualization to pitch deck, UX research, UI UX design and front end development, our cost-effective solutions help you craft impactful products that drive business success.

Mobile app UI UX design

Our mobile apps design are trendy, sleek, conversion-oriented, and cost-effective. Through indepth research, we analyze your target audience, their preferences, and pain points which enables us to design intuitive and engaging user interfaces that meet user needs. Our conversion-driven design optimizes user flows to drive desired actions.

Web application UI UX design

Our web app UX design for startups focuses on building websites and web apps that align with your startup's vision and cater to your customer needs. We take a user-first approach, conducting in-depth research and usability testing to gain insights into user behaviors and create functional interfaces. Our designs are responsive and scalable, adapting to different devices and ensuring optimal performance.

SaaS UI UX design

Our expert SaaS UI UX design services for startups aim to increase customer retention and reduce churn rate. By streamlining complex workflows and reducing friction points, we create intuitive interfaces that are easy to use. Our retention-focused design strategies encourage user engagement and ensure positive user experience. We base our design decisions on data analytics and user feedback, continuously improving your SaaS product to drive customer satisfaction.

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Our UX design packages

As a UI UX design company that understands the unique challenges and cost constraints of startups, we have affordable UI UX design packages that’s lighter on your wallet. Our startup packages are designed to deliver value for every dollar, meeting your custom needs and enabling rapid product launch and growth.

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Key UI UX design deliverables



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UX strategy
Competitor research
User persona
User flow
Ul Design (Figma)
Clickable prototype (Figma)
Style guide
No. of screens Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 50
Custom themes 1 1 2
Completion time (approximate) 4 working weeks 8 working weeks 16 working weeks

Stories of successful startup projects

Design process for startups

Our highly collaborative design approach helps startups translate their vision into high-quality designs that perfectly align with their business goals.

Startup strategy sprint

We collaborate with you to understand your product vision, value proposition, business goals and competition. With these insights, we craft a strategic roadmap, outlining the course of actions.


Understanding target audience

We analyze your customer profile and study them inside out through user research, interviews, and usability testing. The knowledge of their pain points, motivations, and behaviors guides our design decisions.


Agile prototyping and validation

We follow agile methodologies to do rapid prototyping so that you can visualize and test your product early on and share relevant feedback.


Development and launch

We follow agile development practices to ensure efficient implementation, quick iterations, and a seamless user experience, helping you launch your product on time.


Ongoing support

We offer post-launch support to optimize user experiences and leverage emerging market trends to help you stay competitive in the ever-evolving startup ecosystem.

FAQ on UX design for startups

What is startup UX design?

Startup UX design is the strategic approach of creating user-centered and intuitive digital experiences for startup products. Successful startup UX design requires an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem and the unique challenges of startups. With this understanding, a UI UX design agency can create designs that align with the startup’s objectives, drive growth and meet the demands of the target audience.

Do startups need professional UX designers?

Professional UX designers help startups differentiate their product in the highly competitive market. To stand out among the competition and create a lasting first impression, it's imperative that startups invest in user experience design. A well designed UX can help startups differentiate their product, attract users, engage and retain them, and build brand loyalty.
By investing in user research, market research, usability testing and so on, startups can ensure that the product they are building is aligned with the user needs and will be accepted by the target audience.

Is hiring in house UX designers cost effective for startups?

Most startups engage with professional UX design agencies rather than hiring in house UX designers due to reasons such as budget, time constraints and quality & brand considerations. This may differ from startup to startup, according to their resources and requirements.
Often, startups hire UX design agencies to fast track UX design of their products and deliver high quality experiences. Keeping abreast with the latest design trends, research and market landscape is a daunting task for individual UX designers. Hiring a UX design agency who works on a large number of products with different markets & business models will help you to get the jump start that is needed to launch new products on schedule and within budget.

What’s the cost of UX UI design for startups?

Our UX UI design for startups cost between $5000 and $9000, based on the complexity of the products and deliverables. Our UX design packages of startups are cost effective and tailor made for converting your product ideas to stunning and intuitive prototypes in 2-4 weeks.

How extensive is your experience in designing UI UX for startup products?

Right from our initial years, we have been associating with startups to help them bring their innovative ideas to life. As a result, we have a team of designers who have hands-on experience working with startups and understand the unique challenges that startups face.
With our expertise working on startup products across verticals such as healthcare, fintech, ecommerce, edtech and entertainment, we are able to provide practical and valuable insights to make the startup’s digital experiences satisfactory and competitive. Moreover, we are well-aware of the resource limitations that startups face and provide affordable UI UX design services with multiple packages for startups to choose from.

What is the role of UI UX designers in startups?

UI UX designers are responsible for translating the startups’ business goals into engaging and intuitive digital experiences that users love. Their role is to create designs that align with the business’s vision and the user needs by following a comprehensive design process that involves research, wireframing, iterations and testing.

How do you communicate with and involve clients in the design process?

We have a very transparent and collaborative design process wherein we conduct regular review meetings with clients. Starting from the beginning UX research stage, we involve clients in the design process and routinely take their feedback. After handing over each deliverable, we set up meetings with clients to get their opinion and incorporate changes. We also provide routine reports to clients through emails or other communication channels,sharing the progress of the project and other details.

Is the price of your UI UX design services affordable for startups?

We offer high quality and affordable UI UX design services for startups. Our startup UI UX design packages are priced to address the cost and time constraints of startups like yours. Please check out the startup packages here.

What is an estimated timeline for finishing a startup UX UI project?

The timeline for finishing a project varies depending on the scope and size of the design requirements. On an average, a startup design project may take 2 - 4 weeks to reach completion.

How do you ensure the design is implemented correctly in development? Do you provide development services?

Coding the designs to pixel-perfection is one of our strong focus areas. We have an expert team of front end developers who focus beyond just code and technology and are trained to pay attention to the smallest design details. Our front end development services include HTML & CSS development, Angular development, Reactjs development and Wordpress development.
If you choose to develop the design with your internal team, our design team provides a detailed handoff of all the necessary files, guides and other resources.

What is your process for handling updates or changes to the design?

We have a well-defined process to manage updates or changes to the design in an efficient and timely manner.
Firstly, we schedule meetings with the corresponding persons to understand the changes required and the expectations from the same. Then, we initiate an iteration of the design where we design and test through multiple cycles to arrive at the most optimum solution. Once the changes are finalized, we document them and maintain a version history to refer to in future, if needed.
Throughout the process of handling updates, we keep close communication with the client to gather their feedback and ensure that their requirements are being met.

What metrics do you track to measure the success of UX design for startups?

To track user engagement, we measure metrics such as time spent on the platform, bounce rate, and the depth of navigation. This gives us an idea about how users are interacting with the product and what their experience is like.
We track conversion rate by checking how many users are performing the desired action, such as clicking on a particular CTA button or filling a form. This helps us understand how effectively the design influences the users and encourages them to take action.
We check the NPS score to analyze the user satisfaction. NPS is a measure of the likelihood of users recommending a product or services to others. By measuring the NPS, we can identify the user perception and their level of satisfaction.