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About StockPe

StockPe is a stock market learning platform that simplifies financial learning through gamification. It helps people experience finance education in a fun and rewarding way, radically different from the traditional theoretical and lengthy learning model. StockPe proposes a gamified approach to learn stock trading by letting users compete with their peers and implement their knowledge to earn rewards.

The Challenge

The stock and financial markets are complex and broad subjects to learn for a beginner with no prior experience in finance. Our research showed that people don’t feel confident about investing in financial products and stock trading even after taking formal courses on the subject. Most felt they did not gain any practical knowledge and were skeptical about being able to trade profitably. Addressing this pain point was a key challenge for us. Using design effectively to onboard and retain users was the key goal of our design process.

The Solution

By designing free and paid tournaments based on live stock market data, we proposed an effective way for users to learn stock trading. Users could compete with their peers and implement their knowledge through real time yet risk-free investment and trading processes. To support on the go learning, we designed bite sized content like short videos and quizzes. We also used reward psychology to reinforce learning and increase user retention. Dark mode was chosen to bring the look and feel of a gaming experience rather than a learning experience.

With high-quality startup UX design, we helped the client deliver a unique stock market learning platform for their users to improve investment skills. With the in-app practice sessions and interactive design, the app succeeded in supporting stock market learning from anywhere and anytime.

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