Design-first front end (UI) development services

At Aufait UX, we specialize in crafting digital excellence. Our front-end development services are your gateway to swift, scalable, and responsive UI design that captivates with its stunning visuals. We don't just create digital products; we craft digital perfection.

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Our front end development services 

Our front-end development services combine innovation, quality and user experience to craft responsive and pixel perfect products that work seamlessly on all devices. 

  • HTML & CSS (SASS) Development

    We use the latest HTML and CSS frameworks to create beautiful and functional products. Our development team translates designs from Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and other platforms to products that look great and perform even better. Experts proficient in the Bootstrap framework are also part of our UI development team.

  • Angular Development

    We help you take your web app to the next level with Angular, the powerful Javascript framework. Our experienced Angular developers create complex and feature-rich web applications with near perfection.

  • React JS Development

    Our expert React JS developers are skilled in using the popular Javascript library for developing UI. With React JS, we build dynamic, interactive and responsive web apps to deliver a seamless user experience.

  • Javascript / JQuery Development

    We build engaging web pages that are not only functional but also visually stunning using Javascript/JQuery. Our expert developers use the framework for creating dynamic effects, animations and other interactive features.

  • WordPress Development

    We have a skilled team of WordPress developers to help you shape your product. Our WordPress developers are proficient in creating custom, feature-rich, and easily-maintainable websites for businesses of all sizes.

Our front end development process

To deliver high quality and user-friendly front end development services, our development team follows a five step process. 

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Design handoff

The front-end developers collect all the necessary design files, style guides and assets from the design team. They review the design files to ensure its feasibility and check for any technical constraints or limitations. 

  • options-pointer Seamless collaboration
  • options-pointer Feasibility assessment
  • options-pointer Technical constraints review
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The development process begins with coding the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the website or application, using the suitable frameworks and libraries. The developers focus on translating the design as it is into a functional, user-friendly website or application.

  • options-pointer Code optimization
  • options-pointer Responsive UI
  • options-pointer Framework utilization
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Testing and debugging

After development, we test the product on multiple browsers and devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility and consistency. Any bugs or issues are resolved and code is optimized for best performance. 

  • options-pointer Cross-browser compatibility
  • options-pointer Consistent user experience
  • options-pointer Bug resolution
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The front-end development team integrates the website or app with back-end systems and deploys it to the production environment. They ensure proper hosting and configurations as well as necessary security measures. 

  • options-pointer Integrated systems
  • options-pointer Optimal hosting
  • options-pointer Enhanced security
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The development team provides ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure the website or application continues to function correctly. From fixing bugs or security issues to updating features or technologies, our developers offer on-demand support. 

  • options-pointer Ongoing support
  • options-pointer Bug fixes
  • options-pointer Feature updates


FAQ on front end development

What is front-end development?

Front-end development is the process of developing the user interface of websites or web applications. It involves coding the front-end components using programming frameworks and technologies to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.Technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript are used to build the UI of digital products. The type of technology and its implementation depends on the digital product and its features. It plays a key role in product development as an optimized UI is critical to ensuring that digital products are easy and smooth to navigate.

How is Aufait UX different from any other front end development company?

Being a design-focused company, our front-end developers are trained not only to focus on the technical aspects of development but also to understand the user experience. Our developers work closely with the design team to create pixel-perfect designs that not only look great but also meet the specific needs of the target audience. What sets us apart from other front end development companies is that while they may focus mainly on the technical aspects of coding, we focus on both technical as well as the design aspects.

How much time does it take to complete a front end development project?

The time required for developing a digital product depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Our front end developers are well experienced in creating any type of projects, from simple websites to complex web apps. While a simple website can be developed in a few weeks time, a more complex application may take some months. We can give you an accurate timeline of your project once you share your specific needs and requirements with our team.

How do you handle changes or updates to the design during the front-end development process?

We understand the possibility of situations arising that call for changes or updates in the design once the development begins. To combat this, we have a flexible method in place, which allows us to easily incorporate the changes or updates as required. Our team has navigated similar scenarios before and have successfully worked closely with clients to understand their considerations and handle the changes to meet their requirements.

Do you offer post-delivery support?

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your website or application continues to function properly. Our team provides on-demand support to handle any issues or updates that may arise after delivery.

How do you ensure that the front-end development aligns with the overall design and user experience?

Our front-end developers are trained to build a deep understanding of user experience. They work closely with the designers to ensure that the development aligns with the overall design and meets the requirements of the target users. Furthermore, a stringent review process with the design team is done after development to confirm the alignment with the design and ensure pixel-perfect translation from design to code.