Make the most out of your data

Data can be converted to real business assets. Analyzing and visualizing the data in an intuitive and meaningful way, relevant to different user categories including customers, operational team and management empowers them to make informed decisions, improve productivity, reduce errors and resource wastage. We have designed operational and CXO dashboards across multiple industries including retail, healthe care, energy management, FinTech, stock trading and Web3/DeFi.

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Our Dashboard design expertise

Our Digital Dashboard Designs services will transform your raw data into highly effective visual analytics to help you gain deeper better business and operational insights visibility.

  • Web app dashboard design

    Tailored interfaces optimized for web apps, providing comprehensive data insights and functionalities accessible across browsers.

  • Mobile dashboard design

    Customized layouts specifically crafted for mobile devices, enabling users to access crucial data on-the-go, with intuitive visuals and precise insights.

  • HMI dashboard design

    Interfaces designed to facilitate seamless interaction between humans and machines, presenting data in an easily comprehensible manner for real-time monitoring and control.

  • War-room dashboard design

    Specialized dashboards created for high-stakes scenarios, aggregating critical data and visualizations in a single interface for rapid decision-making in time-sensitive situations

Our Dashboard design projects

Explore our array of dashboard designs, from strategic to operational and analytical dashboards, for web and mobile interfaces.

How do we design dashboards tailored for your needs?

Following a well defined dashboard design process helps us gather the right inputs to build a dashboard that meets your exact needs.

Define the audience and goals

What decisions do they need to make? What are their key performance indicators (KPIs)? A good understanding of the audience and goals help us identify the specific data and visualizations that will be most useful to users.


Collect and prepare the data

Once we identify what data we need, we collect it from various sources and prepare it for visualization. This may involve cleaning the data, removing outliers, and aggregating it at the appropriate level.


Choose the right visualization types

From the many visualization types available, such as charts, graphs, and maps, we choose the ones that best communicate the data and help the users take the right actions for their purpose.


Design the dashboard layout

Based on user requirements, we decide a layout by grouping related metrics together and using visual cues to help users identify the most important information quickly.


Test and iterate

We test the dashboard with users and gather feedback to identify areas of improvement and iterate the design to make necessary changes, before deploying to users.


Business Benefits of well designed digital dashboards

The raw data can be transformed to well conceived and designed dashboards, that can help you achieve:

Build actionable dashboards with Aufait UX
Our team has diverse skills essential for designing bespoke digital dashboards that’s tailored to business domain, operational & managerial requirements and specific users and audience. Our competitive advantages include:

Strong Track Record

Aufait UX's robust foundation and extensive tenure in UI/UX design demonstrate our stability, commitment, and adaptability in this dynamic industry


Winner of International Design Awards

Aufait UX has won global design awards, showcasing our excellence in creating standout user experiences.


Enviable Customer Logos

Our partnerships with global brands highlight our ability to consistently meet the diverse and exacting design needs of renowned companies.


Global Reach and Impact

Aufait UX's global reach broadens our influence. Working with clients worldwide, we excel in diverse markets.