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UX design, UI design

About Pebbles

Built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) technique, Pebbles is a subscription based app that helps people identify self-sabotaging thoughts and replace them with objective thoughts. The app uses journaling and goal setting to assist people overcome mental barriers and build resilience. Its goal is to help people with sound thinking habits to empower them to face challenges with ease and live life confidently.

The Challenge

The concept of Pebbles was something our team resonated with and found interesting. Two challenges for us with the Pebbles app design were creating a character as the app’s personal guide and choosing a suitable tone. The character being a main element of the app, present on most screens, had to portray different emotions according to the context. And the design tone was responsible for creating a pleasant mood that gives a soothing feel to users and does not overwhelm them.

The Solution

We came up with a cute character and a light hearted theme to help users feel at ease when using the app. A clean listing with vivid illustrations of users plans was designed on the home screen for ease of use. To encourage users to set goals and form winning habits, we designed an efficient goal setting template. Similarly, journaling prompts tailored to different situations were added to assist users for journaling.

The UI UX design services for Pebbles app helped reinforce its concept of encouraging people to develop better thinking habits. The lively tone and the cute personal guide provides an assuring aura for people to navigate stressful situations