Real estate


Mobile application


Design, Development


An established name in the Middle East’s real estate market with presence across GCC, UK and Levant, DAMAC is known for their iconic properties. The DAMAC Agents application is a one-stop solution for their real estate agents to check property details, get latest project updates, book properties for clients, and get promotional offers. It is a convenient platform to help real estate brokers improve client communication and close more deals.

The Challenge

Keeping in mind the usage context of the Agents app, a key challenge we addressed was to make the app easily usable for a person while he carries out a conversation with potential clients. The agents should be able to quickly scan through the app, find relevant project information in real-time, and get all details regarding each project, from images to plans, facilities, offers, and more. Executing this user journey in design was an exciting challenge.

The Solution

Our UX design for the enterprise app supported easy scanning through clear categorization of different sections with proper structuring and labelling. To help agents find properties quickly, we designed a detailed filter view with drop down lists and sliders for all important inputs. Further, for filter categories with many options, we implemented smart suggestions customized according to agents previous activities to help agents make quick decisions.

With a purposeful and functional design, we were able to ease the efforts of agents. Having a single platform for accessing everything related to DAMAC projects significantly improved their productivity and work experience.