In 2024 , businesses need to follow the latest UI/UX design trends to engage users effectively and stay competitive. Trends including password-less login, illustrated animations, realistic textures, and the integration of AI and automation are essential for a seamless user experience.

The UI UX design trends are ever-changing right from its beginning days. It is altered based on the varying tastes of the users.

So as business entrepreneurs, one needs to adhere to the latest UI UX Design trends, so that they can stand apart from the competitors. But have you ever thought, why?

Millions of business websites are blooming every day. So the customers will be in a rush to choose the best one that offers solutions to their requirements.

Hence, the online platform that captures their attention will score in the game. So if you are planning to redesign ourselves, then make sure you follow user experience design trends in 2024.

It makes sure that your web platform is up to date and visually appealing! That’s the power of UI UX designing. 

So what are the user interface design trends in 2024? Please don’t worry, and we will deal with all this in this blog. Let us keep redesigning ourselves!

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User Experience/ User Interface Design Trends in 2024

Earlier, both marketing and user experience were considered to be different streams of study. But later the business people began to understand the impact that the UI UX design trends created in the minds of the people. The influence that it generates is beyond one’s imagination. 

So there is constant updates happening in the UI UX design field. Let see them below:

1.AI in Design  

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is a disruptive technology permeating almost all domains. We see many stunning designs crafted by AI tools and this potential is tapped into by businesses and corporations alike. 

Projections suggest that by 2025, AI and ML (Machine Learning) will drive over $4 trillion in business value. Currently, 53% of companies have integrated AI technology into their product design, with this trend expected to continue beyond 2024.

One particularly intriguing aspect of AI is hyper-personalization. Consider Google’s Gemini, for instance. This tool generates a completely custom-made interface based on user intent, using information and context provided by the user.

Whether it's a list, a selection of images, a step-by-step guide, or another format, AI has become the bulwark in reshaping user experiences.

2. Voice User Interface

An illustration of Voice User Interface

Voice-based user interfaces can be integrated into your UI UX design process. If you want to become a good UI UX designer, then try to adopt such latest UI design trends. It helps the visitors of your business website to search for information or avail any services with the help of voice assistants.

3. Air Gesture Control

An illustration of Air Gesture Control

Air Gesture Control is another UI UX design trend that is expected to dominate in 2024. It acts as a significant source for improving the user experience. 

With the advent of touch screens, various gesture control mechanisms were introduced. But all this was done with a touch on the screen.

But now it’s being replaced by air gestures. A movement in the air will make things work on the phone. Isn’t that interesting?

4. Immersive 3D Elements

An illustration of Immersive 3D Elements

3D based design elements are one of the best things that keep the users engaged. Now they are being integrated with the latest technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

This allows the UI UX designer to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals and thus keeps the users curious and engaged. But such graphical elements may also reduce the speed of your website. So make sure it’s optimized.

5.  Realistic Textures

Flat design has been ruling the design arena for years. It still has plenty of fan following, but we will also be seeing a lot of textures in our design now.

With a desire to add a realistic touch or a fresh view, UX designers are bringing textures back. 

Realistic textures can play with the human mind and create a feeling of instant connection. It’s a widely successful UX trend that cosmetic companies have started using to reach out to their customers.

With realistic product photographs like that of body creams or lipsticks, they appeal to their users instantly. The clarity of textures and colors come right through, leading people to make a purchase.

An illustration of Realistic Textures

6. Virtual Reality

We have seen the effect of virtual reality in the gaming industry with the advent of VR headsets. The excitement and experience that it brought were unmatchable.

The launch of Oculus Quest has proved that VR has tremendous potential in other industries as well. Several companies have already started experimenting with VR; the social media giant Facebook is one of them. And we can expect to see many more embrace VR  in the future.

In industries like healthcare and education, this UI design trend opens significant opportunities to create more interaction and deliver more valuable output. 

7. Surreal Product Photographs

Realistic product photographs have stopped grabbing attention. People look for a touch of surrealism in product photographs now—something out of the ordinary that would make them stop what they are doing and just stare.

The addition of unreal elements and out of the box photo concepts are trending in product photography. Rather than showing off product features, the product photographs now aim to hold user attention with imaginative elements.

Popular brands like Gucci, Nike, etc., are experimenting with surreal product photographs and are gaining huge success.

An illustration of Surreal Product Photographs

8.  Imperfect Design Elements

In continuance with the trend of adding uniqueness to designs, imperfect design elements will be more eminent in designs in the future.

Users are no longer applauding pixel-perfect web design elements. They have begun finding beauty in incomplete and imperfect designs.

Freehand design, hand-drawn visuals, abrupt fonts, etc., are some of the imperfect design components that are gaining attraction.

The human touch and exclusive brand outlook that these imperfect design elements create make it a positive UX design trend to follow.

9.  Go Bright and Bold

Neon shades and bold colors are brightening up designs! It is a drastic change from minimalistic designs, and that exactly is the reason for this UI trend.

How do you make a mark on users who go through hundreds of websites in a day? “Scream out colors” seems to be the answer designers have come up with! 

When you are accustomed to designs that use subtle and limited colors, bright and bold will dazzle your mind. But fair warning, take care not to overdo it!

An illustration of Go Bright and Bold

10. Unorthodox Layouts

Symmetric design has lost its charm. What was once a classic design convention has become so repetitive that designs have now stopped adhering to grids.

Asymmetry is the new symmetry. Asymmetrical layouts are becoming a prominent UI trend now. It adds a character to designs, a unique and dynamic touch that is possible because of the endless choices in asymmetry.

However, creating an asymmetric layout does require a lot of brainstorming. You can’t just arrange elements randomly as you wish. Usability and accessibility also have to be kept in mind.

Else, it might confuse your users and leave them lost!

Bonus:  Foldable Displays

Foldable displays are one of the UI UX design trends that have recently gained importance. The arrival of foldable displays has made it necessary for the UI UX designers to develop platforms for such devices too.

So the designs you create as UI UX designer should be adaptable for such accessories also. It is expected that the sale of foldable devices will touch the value of 50 million by the year 2050. So this user interface design trend will never go out soon!

Final Thoughts

This is it!

This blog has tried to find out some of the latest UI UX design trends to dominate in 2024. Make sure you adhere to all these trends to reach out to the million customers out there.

For more information, you may consult a leading UI UX agency company in India. They will be able to help you with the same!


  • 1. What are the latest trends in UX design in 2024 ?

In this and the upcoming years, Augmented Reality (AR) ,Virtual Reality (VR) and Generative AI are set to make waves in UI/UX design. These technologies promise immersive experiences that can significantly enhance product interaction and engagement, marking a significant shift in how users interact with digital products.

  • 2. Should I redesign my product based on new trends?

Redesigning solely based on trends isn’t advisable. However, it's also important to adopt the trends in order to stay relevant. Before redesigning, you must evaluate if a trend aligns with your product’s goals and if it improves the user experience. Sometimes, minor adjustments can incorporate trendy elements without a complete overhaul.

  • 3. What are the key trends in the UI UX design industry?

Here is a concise list of the key UI/UX design trends:

  • Advanced cursor interactions
  • Personalized experiences
  • Data visualization
  • Dark mode
  • Micro-interactions
  • 3D designs
  • Clean user interfaces
  • AI-generated content
  • The Metaverse
  • Responsive design
  • 5. How does Aufait UX stay updated with the latest UI/UX design trends?

At Aufait UX, staying up to date with the emerging design trends is a part of our company culture. We conduct monthly knowledge sharing sessions at our office, where we discuss trends and emerging concepts that will enhance the knowledge of our entire team. It;s an integral part of our work to actively listen to what’s happening in the field, try our hands at the latest trends and focus on integrating the relevant trends into our designs wherever necessary.


Basil, a UX Analyst at Aufait UX, is known for his passion for research and analysis. His in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field are reflected in his informative and engaging writings, which provide readers with valuable insights and perspectives on UX design. Connect with Basil via

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