With over 14 years of experience in software, we decided to offer independent UX services. Our recent website redesign, focusing on dark themes, a refreshed logo, versatile layout, playful colors, and impactful typography, demonstrates our commitment to showcasing our UX expertise.

Hello World!
With an experience of more than 14 years in implementing large scale portal solutions where UX was always an integral part. We decided to provide UX services as an independent UX agent and since last 2 years we were  actively working with many enterprises and startup’s as their extended UX team.

With a quality profile in platforms like dribbble and good words  form our customers on platforms like clutch our dedicated UX team was growing at a good pace providing  delightful experience to our happy clients.

Why Redesign?
Building an ideal website has been on our to-do list for a long time. The existing website was focusing on our other services like intranet and SharePoint along with UX. So the urge to build our identity as a UI UX agency helped to fasten the process.. Also since designing is what we excel at, the need to redesign our own website became obvious. However, we were cautious about the change as it might affect our existing analytic values but with the right design and SEO techniques, we decided to just do it.

What’s new?

  • Theme
    Apart from energy saving and comfort, Dark themes are definitely awesome and trending and so we thought why not? Dark themes are perceived as friendly and soothing and thus perfectly aligned with the idea for our website. Our design uses a Jaguar Black as background colour throughout the website and we have also used colourful elements like random post its to bring vibrance to the entire design.
  • Logo
    When it came to the logo, we did not look for something new but played around with our existing parent logo. So we added a white coloured UX in a Milano red rectangular background to the existing logo and that made the change in service apparent. Job done!
  • Layout
    The redesign follows the versatile box layout which is easy to digest and looks great on all screens sizes. The layout is designed to prioritize and showcase best of our case studies and clients.
  • Colour
    Colour is the first thing that speaks through and makes an impression. Though our logo has UX in a Milano red colour to highlight what we specialise in, we did not try to stick to any colour in particular. Instead, we explored new, pleasing and playful colours that compliment white spaces in the design. However, we stuck to a shade of turquoise blue for all the buttons and links used throughout the website.
  • Typography
    Right typography is as important as unimportant it seems. For our site we wanted to use one simple type and so we decided to have ‘Barlow’ which is a slightly rounded, low-contrast font, keeping it big and bold to drive user’s attention.

And that’s it
With everything in place and good to go, we launched our new website  https://www.aufaitux.com and thought of writing about it too because the redesign is worth it. So now that you’ve read all about our redesign, wouldn’t you love to have a startup design solution or redesign for your own enterprise. Reach out, we are happy to come into use.

The new website follows a one-page design which is a much appreciated recent trend mostly because of their seamlessness, easiness to digest and a great look on all screens. Our redesign also utilizes white space that gives it a clean yet striking look. Big, bold and creative typography is used to drive user’s attention while the content-first approach with minimal use of design elements achieves intended action from the users.


Fathima is a lead UX designer at Aufait UX and a passionate advocate for designs that resonate with the users. Her blogs are abundant with practical insights that reflect her enthusiasm for the field. Connect with Fathima via www.linkedin.com/in/fathimamohdk

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