Exceptional CX design is essential for building strong relationships and trust with customers in a digital age where customer experience is a significant factor driving business success. By prioritizing both CX and UX design, businesses can create memorable experiences that set them apart from competitors and foster customer loyalty.

The customer experience is the ultimate measure of a brand's success - Don Peppers, pioneer of one-to-one marketing and an authority on customer experience

Gone are the days when businesses could rely solely on the quality of their products and word-of-mouth marketing to attract new customers. Today, customer behavior is influenced by numerous other aspects, thanks to all the information available at the fingertips in this fast-paced digital age. Customers seek out interactions that offer pleasurable experiences with the organization, not just the product they intend to purchase or use. 

As customer expectations evolve, customer experience must transform to include intricate business-to-customer interactions. This underscores the need for CX design, the discipline for creating optimized customer experiences at all touchpoints for modern customers. This article explores the basics of CX design and discusses how Aufait UX incorporates CX design into our design process

What is CX design? 

When it comes to building a strong brand, customer experience is key. CX design is the discipline that designers use to optimize the customer experience at every touchpoint, from the initial point of contact all the way through to conversion and beyond. By using customer-centered design strategies, designers can ensure that customers have a delightful experience at every step of the journey. This not only creates happier customers but also strengthens the relationship between the customer and the brand.

Customer experience is not just about what happens when someone starts using a product. A good customer experience puts thought into how customers interact with the products before, after, and during their use. In CX design, customers’ journey is mapped on a customer journey map, illustrating the various touchpoints where customers interact with a product.

For example, let's take a look at a customer journey map for someone who purchases an Apple product.

  • The customer journey begins at the on/offline store where an Apple product is purchased. This is the first touchpoint, where the customer has their initial interaction with the product.
  • Once the purchase is made, the customer opens the package and experiences the compact and flawless product.
  • If the customer has used an Apple product before, they can easily recover their data from iCloud, making the transition to their new device seamless. This enhances the customer experience and reinforces brand loyalty.
  • When a customer has a positive experience with a product, they are more likely to recommend it to others. This word-of-mouth recommendation makes the marketing of the product much easier and can lead to increased sales and brand awareness.

Why does CX matter? - Key findings 

Competition is intense and challenging in today’s market. It's not enough for businesses to offer a run-of-the-mill product or service. Customers crave more - they want an experience that connects them on a personal level. By leveraging customer-centric strategies such as conducting feedback surveys, companies can connect with their customers on a deeper level and provide a truly unforgettable experience. 

Here are some CX-related stats that highlight the importance of CX. 

  1. Dimension Data, a SaaS company reports that 84% of companies that prioritize CX, gain an increase in revenue. 
  2. Deloitte and Touche point out that companies that focus on meeting customer needs are 60% more profitable than those that don't.
  3. A survey by Gartner reveals that more than two-thirds of companies now compete based on customer experience, a 35% increase since 2010.
  4. According to the State of the Connected Customer report from Salesforce, over 67% of customers are willing to pay a premium for a great customer experience.

So, in essence, customers are the guiding factor that pushes businesses to do better as shown in the image. 

CX & UX: The bridge between customers and brands 

The relationship between customers and brands must be strong, reliable, and built to last. CX and UX play a key role in building this bond.They are interrelated but have different focuses.

CX design is about optimizing the overall experience that users have when interacting with a brand. This experience is a journey that includes many touchpoints, from initial awareness and research to conversion and retention. The goal of CX design is to ensure that customers perceive the brand more favorably and that the brand distinguishes itself as customer-centered. This is achieved through areas such as advertising campaigns, customer service, and consistency, with a focus on adopting a customer-centric viewpoint.

On the other hand, UX design is concerned with optimizing the experience that users have when interacting with a specific product or service. UX designers focus on creating a user-friendly interface and a seamless interaction that meets the user's needs and expectations. The ultimate goal is to make the product or service easy to use and accessible, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Though different disciplines, CX and UX design are interrelated as shown in the image. 

A brand may have a superior product, but it can still fail if it doesn't reach users at their various stages of encountering it. This is where CX design comes in, ensuring that the overall experience is optimized, from the initial awareness of the product to its continued use. UX design plays a crucial role in this by ensuring that the product or service itself meets the user's needs and is easy to use.

Although CX and UX have different priorities, both roles require empathy for users and a deep understanding of their needs to deliver positive experiences. By integrating both UX and CX design, businesses can drive higher user engagement, boost sales, and improve customer retention rates, resulting in a significant return on investment. 

How does Aufait UX integrate UX and CX in their designs?

At Aufait UX, we understand that the success of any product is not solely dependent on its quality, but also on the relationship and trust it builds with its users. This is why we prioritize creating pleasurable user experiences when designing products. We believe that exceptional UX design can make a product stand out from competitors and provide good CX, which is essential for building a strong rapport with customers. 

Our commitment to this holistic approach has resulted in significant success in our work. For example, when we collaborated with Wire and Switch, a global ecommerce leader in the electronics appliances market, we knew we had to create something unique and engaging to stand out in the crowd. By leveraging UI/UX design principles, we delivered an integrated electrical shopping portal that connected buyers and sellers seamlessly.

The homepage of the Wire and Switch website demonstrates this approach. Through visual design aspects such as warm colors and thoughtful spacing, we were able to create an appealing interface that invites users to explore the site. Additionally, we ensured that the list of available products is easy to find, providing a seamless experience for users.

We designed the product information page keeping in mind the ease and efficiency with which customers can make purchase decisions. 

To put it short,  our team of UI/UX design experts dedicated themselves to delivering an omnichannel shopping experience that was both familiar and distinctive compared to competitors. 

How do we ensure synergy between CX design and UX design? 

  1. Collaboration: Our team works together and collaborates throughout the design process to ensure that the end result is seamless and cohesive.
  2. Research: Understanding customer needs, preferences, and behaviors is essential for creating an exceptional CX and UX. Therefore, as a leading UI/UX  design agency in India, we conduct thorough research to gain insights into the target audience.
  3. Iterative Design: We prioritize iterative design to create a product or service that evolves over time based on user feedback and changing market needs.
  4. Consistent Branding: We align with the brand's values and messaging to deliver a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.
  5. Empathy: Empathy for users is key to both CX and UX design, and we give thrust to understanding the user's emotions, pain points, and motivations throughout the design process.
  6. Metrics-Driven Approach: We track relevant metrics to measure the success of the CX and UX design and make data-driven decisions to improve the product continuously.

Immersive CX is the future 

As organizations strive to create a competitive edge, deep personalization will be essential to deliver a memorable customer experience. By incorporating CX design into the design process, businesses can foster strong customer relationships, boost customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth. Some of the future trends in customer interactions with a product are: 

  • Customers are increasingly adopting the presence of AI or chatbots to answer simple inquiries and find AI reliable in fetching accurate information. 
  • Customers want smooth, friendly interactions that make them focused and do not interrupt current tasks. For example, a web design company can provide immediate tech support if the customer encounters a problem while interacting with a website. 
  • Customers seek a more personalized experience that addresses their specific challenges and needs on a deeper level.
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