See what brewed up during our two-day UX Bootcamp—an exchange of insightful knowledge on UI/UX and resolving user problems

Conducting a bootcamp has its own challenges. Will people be interested in our camp? As a leading UI/UX design agency in India, will we be able to live up to their expectations? These questions reeled in our collective minds. 

Nevertheless, emboldened by our 20 years long expertise in the digital product design and development domain, we decided to take the plunge and it turned out to be a wonderful event.

The venue became a vibrant stage for creative minds to come and explore the possibilities of next gen UI/UX designs, tools and evolving technologies. 

Driven by the passion to learn and the desire to build a career in the most exciting sector, UX/UI aficionados, aspirants, and young working professionals graced our venue. They left us feeling awed and inspired to conduct many more such events in the near future.

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Inside Aufait UX Feb 2024 Bootcamp: From Novices to Design Ninjas

The two-day UX boot camp was a mix of work and play, all geared toward helping attendees chase their design dreams. I mean, who doesn't love the side of design that makes us think in creative new ways, right?

So, let us dive into what really went down during our two-day learning spree.

Day One: Getting into the User Problem Zone

Day one was all about diving deep into defining user problems. We had a thoroughly insightful session where one of the facilitators represented the stakeholder and the participants brainstormed intensely to tackle user issues head-on.

The audience asked perceptive questions, which helped shed light on the knowledge gaps and current market design trends. Subsequently this enabled them to accurately assess business requirements and craft solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of the project at hand.

Day Two: From Problem Solving to Eureka Moments

On the second day, we transitioned from tackling problems to experiencing those "Eureka" moments. We intentionally left some questions open-ended on day one to see how attendees would approach them with their design thinking hats on. Much to our delight, they delivered!

The analytical approach taken by each person in the room was commendable. They confidently maneuvered each roadblock with strategies and an open mind unique to beginners in the industry.

And when the feedback echoed the sentiment that our sessions were genuinely helpful, we knew we had hit the mark.The graphic representation of participant responses below speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Bootcamp Highlights 

"The best products are born from a deep empathy with the people who use them." 

- Bill Buxton, Partner Researcher at Microsoft Research

  • The design enthusiasts figured out how to make decisions based on data but also to tap into those emotional chords users dig. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between logic and emotion in design.
  • The motto 'fail fast, learn faster' was highly applicable here. The participants got good at whipping up prototypes pronto and learning from their goof-ups super quick.
  • The attendees got into the nitty-gritties of user-centric designs and the design process. 
  • Teamwork was key. They realized that bouncing ideas off each other and listening to different perspectives is the secret to winning user experiences and better articulation of design decisions. 
  • And lastly, they got the lowdown on how to ace it when it comes to getting projects done. From start to finish, they learned the ropes of managing projects like a pro.

All of us left the event feeling completely inspired. Armed with the skills and ideas required to take their UX game up a notch, the attendees can confidently forge a career in one of the fastest growing Tech Fields.!

We look forward to meeting a lot more zealous design enthusiasts in our next event. Follow us and ensure that you don't miss the announcements!


Fathima is a lead UX designer at Aufait UX and a passionate advocate for designs that resonate with the users. Her blogs are abundant with practical insights that reflect her enthusiasm for the field. Connect with Fathima via

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