Aufait UX's expansion into the US market reflects the increasing importance of UX/UI design in the business world and demonstrates the company's commitment to providing exceptional design solutions and customer service while capitalizing on the growing demand for UI/UX services.

Aufait UX expands its presence into the US market by opening its first office in Cupertino, CA. The company had started its operations in 2017 with an office in Calicut, Kerala and had expanded its operations to Bangalore, India in 2022. 

“We are excited about this milestone in our company’s growth. We have been serving the US customers since the beginning and have a number of long-term partnerships with customers in the region. Moving closer to our customers and operating in the same timezone will help us serve them better and faster” said Bijith Ahmed, chief designer and co-founder of Aufait UX.

In the six years since its conception, Aufait UX has showcased its expertise in various industries and domains. With more than 300 successful projects, the company has helped several businesses reap the benefits of UX design to improve their operations. In 2022, Aufait UX received international recognition for an educational app design and won the MUSE Design Awards

“We are seeing a noticeable increase in customer budget allocation for revamping UI UX of existing products and applications. Today, customers are more convinced than ever about the competitor advantages and productivity benefits they can derive through well conceived UI UX designs. Thanks to the increased customer awareness, we have been growing at a CAGR of 50% in the last 4 years and we doubled our headcount in the last one year”, said Shameem, CFO of Aufait UX.

“Compared to application and product development services, in UI UX design services, business scalability and sales growth are challenging due to the niche research and creative requirements. Our two pronged business scaling strategy is productization of standard UI UX offerings with subscription based revenue models and enterprise offerings. We are seeing good traction in enterprise UX/UI services and we recently bagged an ERP application design deal”, said Sushil Warrier, Head of sales, Aufait UX. 

This new step empowers Aufait UX’s vision to become a globally recognized UX/UI design agency, known for delivering exceptional design solutions and unparalleled customer services.

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