SaaS website designs offer reliability, cost-efficiency, and ease of development, making them popular for both enterprises and startups.

Over the course of past years, the web design industry has gone through monumental changes. One of the key shifts was witnessed in the growing use of SaaS solutions. SaaS or software-as-a-service model has rebuilt the way web design is done. According to statistics, the SaaS market value in 2023 is worth approximately $237 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.7%.

SaaS website designs are reliable, cost-efficient, and easy to build. As a result, it is winning the favour of enterprise organizations and startups alike. Essentially, the SaaS model is breaking down the barrier for small and medium businesses to realize a web app for their products or services. At Aufait UX, we have worked on diverse SaaS web designs, and in this article, we will delve into some of our favourite projects! 

We Love SaaS Website Designs

The world of SaaS is very interesting, and SaaS solutions are now more in demand than ever. SaaS solutions empower designers to build quality designs and implement advanced features and web design trends easily. We love SaaS UI designs as they are efficient, easy to implement and give good emphasis on user experience. So, without further talks, let me walk you through some of our SaaS website designs. 

1. Online Business Management Tool

Cardinal is an online business platform management system that works with the motto “Build your business’ online presence”. With this online business management tool, any business can build its online presence from scratch or manage its existing online position. A business will have its details like addresses, contact details, and reviews across different listing platforms like Yelp, Google, Bing, etc. Cardinal helps businesses to avoid data discrepancies across such platforms. 

Through the online business management tool, businesses can list their locations on all major platforms and edit the details when necessary. Further, they can respond to their reviews on multiple platforms from a single location. They can also post to other platforms through this platform and even schedule future updates! 

online business management dash board

While designing this online business management system, our primary goal was to make it functional as well as aesthetically appealing. So, we experimented with some fun illustrations and a casual style. We think that added a really nice touch to the website design, don’t you agree?


2. Elearning platform

A project that takes a top place among our favourites is Cyber Square. It is an online coding platform for kids that offers various coding courses to help kids unlock their creativity and explore the world of coding. Not only do we love the concept behind the platform, we had absolute fun designing it with bright colours and tiny illustrations! 

In the current scenario, where much of learning happens through online channels, this elearning platform opens up a fantastic opportunity for kids to get trained on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Internet of Things! 

We designed the complete elearning platform, including course listing, course progress tracker, and teacher’s dashboard. By implementing the best dashboard design principles, we were able to make the management of the learning platform relatively easy for all! The SaaS UI design is very efficient and navigates the user through the platform intuitively, helping them meet their goals in simple steps.

SaaS UI design in teachers dashboard

3. Cookie Consent Solution

CookieYes is a cookie consent solution that helps users to manage their websites’ cookie consent and script blocking from one place. It complies with GDPR and CCPA guidelines and is an effective solution to manage your website cookies. The cookie consent solution supports all major content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Wix, and such and allows users to add cookie consent banners to any CMS. 

With support for 30+ languages and extensive customization options (like layout, content, colours), it caters to the needs of large audiences worldwide. 

SaaS UI design seemed to be the right choice to build this cookie consent solution’s website. All the features that the website required, like service listing, pricing plans, and such, could be implemented effectively with the SaaS model. The website design reflects a professional look and feel. The relevant information and highlights of the solution are effectively brought out. Clean and simple call to action buttons are used throughout the website to maintain consistency in design and direct the users towards making the click.

4. Travel Agency Management Platform

One of the interesting SaaS website designs we did was for TRAACS, an innovative solution in the travel industry. The platform provides means for travel agencies and travel management companies to improve their travel business in the changing circumstances. Today, the travel industry has become very competitive. The travel agency management platform aims to provide the travel businesses tools to manage their finances, reduce operating costs, and maximize revenue. 

We did extensive development and design to realize the travel agency management platform solution. Our design was focused on creating a simple workflow and improving accessibility. The SaaS app greatly simplified the processes from sales to billing and collection to receipt. The ERP solution provided travel agencies with customized control to aid their business growth. The solution was very consolidated and affordable and satisfied the client requirements effectively. 

ERP solution provided travel agencies

5. Lead Generation & Conversion Platform

We all know how important it is for businesses to increase their conversion rates. Increasing their leads is a basic requirement for everyone who is selling something. The next project we are going to talk about, Getlead, does exactly that. It helps you nurture your leads with an effective CRM. Other than CRM, the lead management & generation solution offers features like bulk SMS, bulk email, toll-free number, missed calls, etc., to connect to potential leads and provide customized offers to increase sales. 

We created an effective SaaS web design for the lead management & conversion platform that conveys efficiently what they offer. The design is quite simple and straightforward. It describes the tool, its working, integration, and all details precisely. Further, it guides the user towards desired actions in an intuitive manner. 

SaaS Websites are Here to Stay

It is 2021, and the web design industry no longer operates like it used to. More and more businesses are depending on SaaS solutions for quality web app designs. Along with the aesthetic and eye-catching design, the ability to convert visitors into leads is essential for every design. In these aspects, SaaS UI designs have mostly been successful. It has proven to be effective in creating designs that combine visual appeal and strategic user experience. 

Our experience building SaaS website designs has been diverse and resourceful. It has helped us improve and optimize our design workflow. As designers, SaaS tools have given us great freedom in our design process. The success of our multiple SaaS projects is a testament to that. Do you have a SaaS project in mind that you would like to discuss with us? Contact us now- we would love to hear from you! 


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