UXIndia 2023 was a vital platform for UX professionals and companies to connect, learn, and share insights in the ever-evolving field of user experience design, reinforcing the idea that collaboration and exchange of ideas are key to advancing the discipline.

In its 19th edition, UXIndia 2023 unfolded as a significant milestone, bringing together the international UX community from big enterprises, academia and boutique studios for three days of exchange of ideas, networking and knowledge sharing. Aufait UX stood tall as a Gold Sponsor for this remarkable event. Being an integral part of UXIndia marked a pivotal moment for Aufait UX and the team geared up to showcase their enviable array of award winning designs, skills and expertises in UX research and design, culminating the months of anticipation and preparation in an impactful participation. 

UXIndia 2023, is arguably one of the largest gatherings in the UX design domain internationally, drawing representatives from the global UX community and large enterprises including IBM, Verizon, Infosys and Siemens. Aufait UX had the unique opportunity to engage with professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts from different corners of the world. It was a true celebration of diverse perspectives and shared passion for creating exceptional user experiences.

Aufait UX's booth at UXIndia’23 was a bustling hub, attracting a diverse audience, from students eager to absorb knowledge to seasoned UX professionals and product owners seeking insights and the booth set stage to many interesting conversations, discussions and exchange of ideas. 

The three-day event was a rich learning experience with workshops by industry experts delved into critical trends, from the nuances of conversational AI to the depth of enterprise design thinking. Talks, case studies, and panel discussions led by UX design authorities and enterprise customers provided invaluable insights. Bijith Ahmed, co-founder of Aufait UX, took the stage to share a talk on Design Debts. The audience resonated with the practical relevance of the discourse in today's design landscape.

A keynote by Kaladhar Bapu, founder of UXIndia, was one of the key highlights of the conference, where he shared insights on the future of UX and his vision for UXIndia. The three days of networking with industry professionals boosted our morale and helped put into perspective the incredible contribution that we, as UX professionals, can make to the world.

UXIndia 2023 provided a platform for creating meaningful connections and Aufait UX's team seized the opportunity to exchange ideas with industry professionals, reinforcing existing relationships and forging new ones. The interactions served to amplify Aufait UX's commitment to collaborative growth. More than a stage for showcasing their expertise, the conference was also a canvas for learning, sharing, and connecting.


Fazmeena is a UX enthusiast who loves learning about user-centric designs. She channels her passion for UX into every piece she writes, offering readers valuable insights into the domain of UX design. Connect with Fazmeena via www.linkedin.com/in/fazmeena-faisal/

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