When choosing a product design agency, consider factors such as their portfolio, established design process, and how well they align with your unique vision and objectives. The product design companies listed here have demonstrated excellence in this field, and conducting thorough research is essential to find the best fit for your project.

In 2024, the spotlight remains on prioritizing user experience and interface design, reflecting businesses' continued emphasis on design investment. UI/UX design firms, with their extensive expertise in various domains like web/app design, digital product revamping, and UX audits, are the quintessential preference  for businesses. 

According to a study conducted by the Design Management Institute, companies that prioritize design in their business strategies performed significantly better than the S&P Index over a period of ten years. These design-driven businesses consistently outperformed the index by 219%. In simpler terms, paying attention to design impacted the overall performance of these companies compared to the broader market.

To achieve this profit trajectory, it is obvious that having in-house UX consultants, UI/UX designers, and user researchers working individually may not be enough. Instead, a collaborative team approach is crucial for bringing dream projects to life, from concept to launch.

But, with whom to partner? This would be the question lingering. 
If you are pressed for time, our product design agency is well-equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge, catering to companies of all sizes and industries. Feel free to reach out to us, and let's discuss your ideas and requirements. Now, let’s go ahead and explore the top 10 product design companies that are at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Top 10 product design agencies 

How to choose the top product design companies?

Choosing the right partner for your product design can be a daunting task, given the number of companies in the market. However, by considering a few key factors, you can streamline your search and find the one that’s best fit for your needs. To touch upon the basics, a top-notch product design company should have

  • A transparent and impressive portfolio, showcasing their previous works and client collaborations. Look for evidence of successful outcomes and the impact they have made on businesses. Testimonials from satisfied clients can provide valuable insights into the quality of their work.
  • An established product design process that prioritizes user-centricity and problem-solving. They should take the time to understand your unique challenges and goals before offering tailored solutions. Their website should communicate their services clearly, and you should be able to see actual design examples from their previous projects.

Remember, you hold the power as the customer. Take the time to research and compile a shortlist of preferred agencies. Reach out to them and engage in discussions to assess their compatibility with your vision. By following these steps, you can confidently find the best product design company that aligns with your objectives and helps bring your ideas to life. Let's now explore the leading product design companies of 2024 that you can consider for your upcoming project.

Top 10 product design companies

  1. Aufait UX 

Award-winning digital product design company building products that users love. 

Aufait UX is a leading product design agency headquartered in Bangalore, India, with over five years of expertise in UI/UX design. What began as a humble team of three has now flourished into a dynamic group of 50 talented individuals. Each year, our growth doubles, propelling us to new heights.

How do we ensure the success of our projects? 

  • Our dedicated team of UI/UX experts invests 100% of their efforts into realizing your vision. 
  • We prioritize quick and efficient communication and collaboration, optimizing project timelines. 
  • Our UI/UX design services embrace adaptability and openness to your ideas. 
  • We go the extra mile to understand your company, competitors, and products/services.

If you're in need of website or app design, contact Aufait UX . We have delivered exceptional user experiences across diverse industries, including healthcare, fintech, sports, technology, government and utilities, and e-commerce. Take a glimpse at our previous works to witness our expertise and creativity.

We take great pride in our impressive portfolio, featuring over 160 successful projects, and garnering positive feedback from more than 60 satisfied clients. Renowned organizations such as Oman Air, Legrande, Roca, Saudi Aramco, and Hindustan Petroleum have entrusted us to create captivating and engaging design marvels.

The remarkable work of Aufait UX has not gone unnoticed. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design has earned us prestigious accolades. In 2022, Aufait UX was bestowed with the esteemed Clutch Award for Best Design Agency in India proving our commitment to excellence. The same year, the creative minds at Aufait UX were recognized with the illustrious MUSE Creative Awards for our outstanding educational app design, solidifying our position as exemplars of their field. And the momentum has carried on into 2023, where we continue to shine, winning accolades such as the Indigo Design Awards for best digital design and proudly being ranked among the esteemed Clutch Leaders in UX design.

If you're seeking a partner for your next project, we're here for you. Reach out to us, and let's discuss your business goals and constraints. Our support extends beyond the product launch, ensuring a continued partnership. 

  1. Wandr Studio 

An emerging product strategy and design company driven by a profound mission to educate, engage, and foster growth.

Established in 2016, this US-based product design company is a tight-knit team of 23 professionals hailing from various corners of the globe, united in their mission to collaboratively build exceptional digital products. An interesting tidbit about WANDR is that its employees collectively speak 20 different languages, showcasing the company's commitment to diversity and cultural inclusivity. 

Despite being relatively new to the market, WANDR has already established partnerships with prominent clients such as the World Wide Fund for Nature, Samsung, and Adobe. According to their profile on Clutch, 60% of WANDR's clients originate from major enterprises in the transportation, fintech, and information technology industries.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of services, WANDR places a strong emphasis on UX design, research, and brand development. Their comprehensive expertise enables them to provide a holistic approach to product design and deliver exceptional results that resonate with users and drive business growth.

  1. Adam Fard Studio 

Data-driven UX design agency that converts UX into a competitive advantage. 

Adam Fard Studio has a proven track record of crafting design solutions for complex B2B products and focuses on building Fintech and SaaS-based digital products. 

Adam Fard's approach is centered around helping intricate and multifaceted products become intuitive and accessible. By merging multiple systems, creating seamless experiences, and optimizing key business metrics such as Activation, Conversion, and Retention, the design agency ensures remarkable outcomes for its clients.

By integrating UX principles into every project, Adam Fard offers a unique blend of education and design best practices, resulting in outstanding design solutions. Adam Fard's UX work revolves around reducing uncertainty and mitigating product risks. It goes beyond simply moving pixels, delving deep into clients' businesses, conducting extensive research, and implementing a robust design process to achieve product-market fitness.

As a nimble and flexible design agency, Adam Fard excels at remote work. The team of experienced professionals is distributed in EU and US time zones, including senior researchers and designers. Regardless of geographical constraints, the agency maintains efficiency and productivity, serving clients in various time zones.

  1. Echo and Co 

A product design and development company with a social commitment to promoting global environmental well-being.

 By focusing on inclusivity and diversity, Echo & Co provides equal opportunities for people of color, members of the LGBT community, and individuals with disabilities to create digital products and services that not only inspire but also empower others to achieve success.

The company established the inaugural branch of Echo & Co in Washington, before expanding to include offices in Boston and New Orleans. With a nationwide presence, Echo & Co is well-positioned to serve clients across the United States.

Echo & Co boasts an extensive array of services, ranging from comprehensive research and strategic branding to compelling content writing, captivating storytelling, and cutting-edge product design and development. Among their notable clientele are esteemed organizations such as Greenpeace, World Food Program USA, Free Press, and ecoAmerica. Over 80% of its clients comprise prominent enterprises and organizations throughout the United States. 

  1. Think design company 

A consultancy that designs and builds digital experiences for enterprise organizations

Think Company established in 2007 is a leading UX design firm that has set its sights on becoming an industry powerhouse driven by data-driven iterative processes. The design company is dedicated to assisting businesses in creating exceptional products, websites, services, and experiences for both customers and employees alike. 

With a comprehensive range of services spanning digital strategy, user testing, research, consulting, product design, software development, and CRM development, the agency offers a holistic approach to digital product design. Today, Think Company boasts a workforce of over 105 talented individuals spread across three offices in the United States.

Renowned organizations such as Johnson and Johnson, Transamerica, Bayada Home Healthcare, and JPMorgan Chase & Co have all entrusted Think Company with their design needs, further solidifying the agency's reputation and expertise. 

  1. Ustwo 

A creative digital product studio with the strong decision and tech credentials

Ustwo began as a modest product design company in the United Kingdom with a clear vision: to cultivate an environment that fosters personal growth and enables individuals to unleash their creative potential. What started as a small venture swiftly flourished into a powerhouse of talent, boasting a diverse team of over 250 brilliant minds spread across London, Malmo, Sydney, and New York. Today, Ustwo proudly holds the distinction of being a B Corp, exemplifying its commitment to social and environmental impact.

With a diverse range of expertise, the company's service portfolio encompasses product design, strategic planning, mobile app development, UX design, web development, and even ventures into the exciting realm of wearable app development. Demonstrating their versatility, the team has even delved into the Metaverse, partnering with Facebook to create the groundbreaking flagship game, Go Go Bots.

Ustwo has had the privilege of working with esteemed clients from various industries and of varying sizes. Giants such as Google, Ford, Peloton, Lego, and Lush have all sought the expertise of Ustwo, attesting to the company's exceptional reputation.

  1. Design First 

One of Canada's most prominent design companies. 

Headquartered in Ottawa, Design First collaborates with startups and enterprises hailing from various corners of the globe. With a comprehensive range of services, Design First delivers top-notch product design, engineering, development, and manufacturing solutions to the brands it partners with.

Design First's remarkable clientele includes notable names such as Lenovo, Ericsson, Stanley, Tablo TV, and We-Vibe, showcasing the company's exceptional reputation and ability to cater to diverse industry giants. With a multifaceted approach, Design First offers an array of services, including industrial product design and manufacturing, branding, web design, and comprehensive marketing support. 

  1. Fuzzy Math

A UX design, strategy and innovation consultancy 

Established in 2009, Fuzzy Math brings together a collective of individuals driven by a shared purpose: to create impactful user experiences that make a difference. Guided by their passion for social and environmental causes, the company actively engages in pro bono projects, lending its expertise to businesses in the US striving to address global challenges. 

With a compact yet highly dedicated team of 15 individuals, Fuzzy Math has collaborated with numerous startups and renowned brands, cementing its reputation as a trusted partner. Among their impressive clientele are industry leaders such as Hyatt, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Allstate, and Expedia, spanning sectors such as healthcare, fintech, travel, media, education, and telecommunications. Their services include  innovation and strategy workshops, comprehensive product design, user research, and specialized UX training

  1. Grio

A product design company in California that walks with you from concept to launch 

Grio is one of the premier product design companies in California and is dedicated to delivering exceptional software solutions for its clients. Established in 2008, it has operations in San Francisco, Mexico City, and Salt Lake City. Their team consists of 50 talented individuals including developers, designers, product managers, and project managers, and collaborates seamlessly across five states and four countries.

The team has the technical expertise and practical experience in cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, JavaScript, React, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and more. With this comprehensive skill set, Grio has been instrumental in crafting custom web and mobile app development for a wide range of clients, including dynamic startups and global tech giants.

  1. Work and Co

A product design company in which design and engineering are at the center stage of every product. 

With offices spanning across the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Work & Co stands as a leading digital product agency on a global scale.

What sets Work & Co apart is their unwavering focus on assembling highly experienced professionals. They firmly believe that the best products are crafted by small, senior teams who adopt a hands-on approach throughout the entire project journey. Embracing collaboration, they actively involve their clients in their iterative process, characterized by rapid prototyping, meticulous testing, and a conscious effort to minimize extensive meetings.

Within Work & Co, a cohesive team of UX researchers, designers, and developers work in unison, pooling their expertise to formulate a design-centric digital strategy for every product. 

These are our top picks for the best product design companies in 2024. As mentioned before, as customers you hold the power and should conduct thorough research to identify the company that best fits your needs. 


1. What is product design and why is it important?

Product design is the holistic process of ideating, developing, and refining products to address specific market needs and solve user problems. Product design plays a pivotal role in the concept to launch journey, guiding the creation of products that meet both functional requirements and delight customers. So, product design defines a product and its business goals, anticipates market opportunities, and understands user needs for its continuous evolution.

2. What services do product design companies offer?

Product design companies offer a range of services to help businesses bring their ideas to life, turning concepts into tangible products. The specific services may vary depending on the company, but here are some common offerings:

    Research and Discovery:

  • Market research: Analyzing the target market, competitors, and industry trends.
  • User research: Understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviors of potential users.
  • Concept Development:

  • Ideation: Generating creative concepts and ideas for the product.
  • Brainstorming: Collaborative sessions to explore various possibilities.
  • Prototyping:

  • Rapid prototyping: Creating physical or digital prototypes to test and iterate quickly.
  • 3D modeling: Developing detailed digital representations of the product.
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design):

  • Creating detailed technical drawings and specifications.
  • Translating concepts into manufacturable designs.
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design:

  • Designing the overall user experience and interface of the product.
  • Wireframing and mockups: Creating visual representations of the product's layout and structure.
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM):

  • Ensuring that the product can be efficiently and cost-effectively produced.
  • Vendor selection: Identifying and collaborating with manufacturing partners.
  • Testing and Validation:

  • Product testing: Conducting various tests to ensure product performance and safety.
  • Validation: Confirming that the product meets regulatory and industry standards.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Design:

  • Integrating eco-friendly practices and materials into the product design.
  • Considering the product's life cycle and environmental impact.
  • Branding and Packaging Design:

  • Developing the visual identity of the product.
  • Designing packaging that is both functional and visually appealing.
  • Project Management:

  • Coordinating and overseeing the entire product design process.
  • Managing timelines, budgets, and collaboration among team members.

3. How does the product design process work and how is it different from the UX design process?

The product design process and the UX design process are closely related but focus on different aspects of a product's development.

Product Design Process:

The product design process encompasses the entire journey of creating and developing a product, from ideation to production. It involves a holistic approach that considers not only the user experience (UX) but also incorporates other elements like functionality, aesthetics, manufacturability, and market viability. Product designers work on defining the product's overall vision, features, and specifications, aiming to create a well-rounded and marketable solution.

UX Design Process:

On the other hand, the UX design process specifically concentrates on optimizing the user's experience with the product. It involves understanding user behaviors, needs, and preferences to create a seamless and enjoyable interaction. The UX design process typically includes steps such as UX research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. The goal is to enhance user satisfaction by improving the accessibility, usability, and overall delight in using the product.


While the product design process encompasses a broader scope, considering various facets of the product, the UX design process is more focused on the user-centric aspects. Product design includes UX as one of its components, ensuring that the user experience aligns with the overall product goals.

4. What industries do typically product design companies serve?

Top product design companies often serve a broad range of industries, including technology, consumer electronics,e-commerce, healthcare, automotive, and more.

5. How do I choose the right product design company for my project?

Consider factors such as the company's portfolio, experience in your industry, client reviews, and their approach to the design process. A consultation with the company can also help assess their understanding of your project.

6. What role does innovation play in product design?

Innovation is a key element in product design, driving the creation of unique and groundbreaking solutions. Leading product design agencies focus on bringing fresh ideas to the table and add a touch of uniqueness in every project.

7. How much does it cost to hire a product design company?

Costs can vary significantly based on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the reputation and location of the design company. It's important to get detailed quotes and understand the pricing structure before committing.

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